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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 5, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EST

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right now on msnbc saturday, underwater in the midwest. more flood warnings from an already water logged area. back to work. the unemployment rate drops below %. and taking on tyson. he faces featherweights, literally. good morning, everyone, let's get first to the weather. high water and high tension today in the midwest a big storm could mean dangerous flooding. ohio residents are bracing for rising waters.
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>> with the few inches of rain, i have a feeling more basements will be flooded. the people next door have been pulling water out of their basement for the last few days. >> we have meteorolgist live here with us to talk about what's neck. >> this is just a one-two punch. the snow melt and heavy rain last weekend. flooding from that and now a little bit of a break and now we are getting the torrential rain. the rivers have not had time to recede enough. the little boxes are all counties under river flood warnings. all around indianapolis, down along the mississippi river. flash flooding just north of the memphis area. the other areas, those are flash flood watches or flood watches. those cover 15 states. this is a significant flooding event this is typical spring
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flooding you get this time of year. the green on this map is the radar and rain. the yellow is where we are getting thunderstorms. from pittsburgh south wards right through ki kwi through the memphis and nashville area is where we are seeing the heaviest rain. the drive from memphis to nashville, a lot of hefy rain and nashville is getting a good soaking. we got rainfall moving through cleveland. and we're going to get drenched as we go throughout the neck 24 to 48 hours. we are expecting two to three inches of rain to make it up into new england. we're not as concerned there as we are in other areas. alex we have to watch out for the potential of tornados down along the gulf coast. new watch issued down around the new orleans area. >> thank you very much for joining us. big developments in libya. rebels say they fought off forces and capturing an oil
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port. we are live once again in benghazi. i'm curious how saturday plays into things. is this a day that would be used for demonstrations? are people working? home with their families? what's a saturday like there? >> reporter: well saturday is our typical sunday. it's the end of the week. you know, people don't work on friday. things tend to start opening up saturday afternoon. this would be a time when families are together. what we are really talking about now unlike the situation we saw in egypt where it was students and middle class people coming out in the streets and protesting peacefully, what we are seeing here is armed conflict between two armed groups. these are hebls -- it's a big
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get for them. the rebels in this part of the country say they want to push all the way to tripoli. just west of tripoli. that bound being the fiercest in the country. there are dozens dead yet. they are surrounded by tanks and it's a fierce fight for control of the city. >> are they from either camp definitively? >> reporter: the lines keep shifting. the movement, the opposition says its theirs. gadhafi and his troops could retake it. even if they retake it or move further it's important to point out that none of the terminals
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have been up and running. it's not like oil is actually getting out of the ports. >> okay. thank you for that update. let's go now to the jobs puzzle here in the u.s. in what the white house calls very good news. 192,000 jobs were added. it is the best showing in nearly a year. overall the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. it is the lowest mark since 2009. millions are still out of work and republicans say white house policies are part of that problem. >> despite some signs of life, the unemployment rate is still far above the levels that the president's advisors promised when the spending bill was signed into law. >> let's bring in athena jones. good saturday morning to you. let's get to the president's message on jobs? >> reporter: the president's main message is that things are
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looking up. he pointed in particular to the 222,000 jobs in the private sector that were added in the month of february. that's 12 consecutive months, the economy adding 1.5 million jobs over that period. they say that things are looking up. white house officials will acknowledge that there is still a long way to go before they make up for that 8 million jobs lost during the recession. so they acknowledge that. but they argue that the policies they put in place are really helping out. they point in particular to the december tax deal. it lowered payroll taxes, kept the bush era tax rates for people at all income levels. allowing companies to deduct 100% investment in things like equipment. these are the kind of moves that help put the economy on track. when you look at the budget battle, the president argues that even as we have got make the smart budget cuts we can't cut too much and hurt the
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recovery. we have got to continue to invest in things like education and things like innovation. >> let's get to the government shut down, the potential of that happening less than two weeks from now on the 18th of march. what's the buzz there? are they confident that government will not be shut down? >> they are confident that they will be able to work something out. the question is how will that come down? they held a briefing the same day that vice president biden went up to the hill along with chief of staff and the budget director. they talked, officials here spoke with reporters explaining what the tactic was going to be. they say they are still confident they are reach a compromise. john boehner is having to deal with the tea party caucus. it's going to be hard to see how it comes down. beneath si
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neither side wants to see a government shut down. >> over 100 feet in new york. two men left dangling when their scaffolding collapsed. the discovery was made by a firefighter who lowered both workers to safety one at a time. >> it's very dangerous. 27 story building. if you do things properly, and train properly for them, we minimize the danger and operate as safely as we can. >> neither appeared to be injured by they did suffer bitter cold temp temperatures. we have all seen how the sitcom star acts in his private life. we have that story. good morning, jeff. >> hi, good morning to you. we wanted to give you a new perspective, a new inside look at charlie's life. what is it like inside of his
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house when the big cameras are not there and the cameras are not happening. you will meet his people, what he does, his normal routine. you will see the goddesses. we gave charlie sheen a small little camera so she could take his own personal video journal and what he came back with, pure platinum. >> good morning. take that light off me. >> sheen provided "dateline" with his own never before seen version of his reality. shot for us over the last 24 hours. >> so are we talking in code? >> in the eye of his hurricane, another day, another problem. >> what do you recommend? talk to the cops or call tmz? >> we also see calmer moments, taking care of newfound business opportunities and strat jazzing with his eclectic entourage. >> this is a think tank. >> they seem to be plotting his
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next moves and attempts to capitalize on his exploding worldwide popularity or infa my. in this sequence shot by a friend, his posse is talking about marketing the charlie sheen brand. >> 50,000 t-shirts, several different styles. >> 50 million. >> we catch a few glimpses of the hard boiled playboy armed with a cell phone and cigarette. there is always a supply of nicotine and caffeine on hand. almost always a haze of smoke in the air. >> we're only smoking because the kids are not going to be here. >> yet there is smiling. >> in between deals and meetings and inhaling, he makes time for his daily 5:00 a.m. workout. >> coming for you. coming for you. >> and like his days on the set of major league, he makes time for a quick game of catch. all in all, in fact, sheen looks
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healthier and happier than i have seen him all week. and his so-called goddesses? they're never far from his side. at one point, natty's wearing her devil top sweatshirt. we see his children's art work hanging on the wall as well as his son's sippy cup that sheen has kept on display as a makeshift shrine. all in all, another glips into the real life soap opera that's playing to the camera. >> a little tougher than the average tiger. >> and playing to a huge audience. >> and that, everybody, is my master plan. >> he says he's clean and soeber and just wants to go back to work. at least that's charlie sheen's reality. ♪ >> this whole thing was just a dream. >> but there may be some trouble in paradise.
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overnight charlie sheen tweeted this. rachel has left the building. we're sad. over it. applications now being accepted. so it appears one of the two goddesses has left charlie sheen this is the former porn actress. now the only goddess is the model for the marijuana magazines. he says applications are being accepted. not sure where you send them but you do with that information as you will. >> i like it right here, thank you very much. coming up at noon eastern, an msnbc special on charlie sheen's life at home. it's all part of char lean sheen, winning ways. right here on msnbc saturday. actor david arquette says he's okay following a car accident. a witness says the actor was driving his silver car yesterday when the car in front of him suddenly stopped so he swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid
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that car and in doing so he hit another vehicle. after leaving the hospital he tweeted he was fine. coming up how some of the republican presidential candidates stack up against president obama in a hypothetical match up. plus we are keeping our eyes on the wild fires burning right here in florida. and for the birds. former boxing champ boxes a pi general? pigeon? [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee time.
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the crew of the space shuttle discovery docked at the space station to perform maintenance and repairs.
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this is discovery's final voyage. when it returns to earth it will be retired and displayed in a museum. >> none of the best known republicans has entered the race for the white house. new polling this week shows mike huckabee leading the list of potential contenders. when the president is added to the mix, gop comes up short. let's bring in pat buchanan and karen finney. good morning to both of you. i was gone last weekend and missed you both. let's get right to some good stuff. look at the comparison between a few key likely opponents. mitt romney is led by nine points and crushing pawlenty. the president is facing some real challenges. if he beats every republican
10:19 am
listed, is it over? >> i think it's -- the poll, kid, is irrel veevant for this reason. look back to 1991. where was george h.w. bush? at 91%. and hen he ran and what did he get? 37%? the lowest republican score in almost 100 years. so that poll is irrelevant, i think. the important one is the romney huckabee hole. and huckabee is going wait for six months before he announces. and romney is out there and deeply organized in both iowa and new hampshire. so if i were looking at that poll, and i were a republican saying thinking of running, which i am not, i would say -- >> heard it here first. >> i would say mitt romney is in what mr. nixson used to call the cat bird seat. >> we're going to get to some of mike huckabee's troubles here in
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a minute. when the president is stacked against a generic republican, he has only a five point lead. >> you know, this is a day of firsts. i actually agree with pat in part. >> wow. >> i know. how about that? >> pat's exactly right. these numbers don't mean a lot. so much can happen between now and the time we get to the election between the jobs and the middle east. there is so much that can happen. when you put up the jerer innic number, that's not somebody who has a particular position on any ideas or put forward any plans. it's very hard to read much into that. it's interesting to see what's going on on the republican side. there again it's very early. we haven't seen any of these guys begin to campaign in earnest so we don't have a sense of what ideas are leading in the
10:21 am
pack and who is leading in the pack with their various ideas. it's hard to tell. >> and newt gingrich saying i am officially exploring the option here. i want to ask about mike huckabee. he stirred controversy last week saying that president obama grew up in kenya. then huckabee said this. let's take a listen. >> one of the things that's troubling is that people see natalee portman or some other hollywood starlet who says look we're having children, we're not married. we have these children and we're doing just fine. most single moms are very poor, uneducated and can't get a job and if it were not for government assistance their kids would be starving to death and never have health care. it's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out of children wedlock. >> his office says he was pointing out a reality, not
10:22 am
trying to slam natalie portman. there are a lot of people outraged by this statement. can you see why, pat? >> no i can't. he is saying basically is look. there is a hollywood lifestyle that people celebrate and enjoy and laugh about, and you translate that into the let's take the inner city where 51% of hispanic kids are born out of wedlock, 71% of african-american kids. their chances at life are diminished and the probability that they will wind up as school drop outs, in trouble with the law or in prison sore enormously. those f us who are prestigeous, let's watch the example we are setting for people who can't deal with this type of thing. i thought it was a good statement. i understand why people laugh and mock him. he has a very valid point. >> your reaction, karen? >> having been raised by a single mom, i was disgusted by
10:23 am
this. it shows how out of touch huckabee is with american women and the way we live our lives. one of the fastest growing voting populations happens to be single or unmarried women some of whom happen to be mothers. it makes it sound if you are a single woman raising a child you must be on food stamps it is disgusting. it shows how out of touch he actually is. but you know, also, the troubling comments were also about what he said regarding president obama and his background. you know, again, also very troubling and because the republicans continue to say that democrats keep bringing this up. in this case, huckabee brought it up and i think he brought it up for a very specific reason to tap into the culture wars in a segment of the population that is very concerned about the otherness factor. >> that's what i'm used to.
10:24 am
that first part of the interview i was like really? what's up with that. we will see if you agree or disagree. thank you both. parts of the midwest are underwater and more rain is on the way. break out the waders. plus johnny depp like you have never seen him before. a look at rango's opening weekend at the box office. n. introducing venus proskin with moisture rich shave gel bars enhanced with a triple blend of body butters that create a layer of protection for your skin with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. and your goddess just beautiful. ♪ well, i'm your venus new venus proskin moisture rich. reveal the goddess in you.
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10:28 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> this one looks good to me. >> when you see this film, you are like i have seen this before with the borne identity. there is a little twist. he plays a political character like a kennedy and meets a woman that puts him into a tail spin. audiences are loving the film. they are predicting around $23 million for the movie. i think it's a must see if you like this type of film. >> i hear the chemistry is great? >> it is fantastic. they are such great actors. the casting alone is fantastic and i think people like to see matt damon in this type of film. >> $23 million? but lit be topped by rango? >> johnny depp plays a chameleon who thinks he is a western star. they have great chems industry. he has wanted to do this film far long time. parents want their kids out of the house.
10:29 am
this is why the film is doing so well. the winter has been so long and this is a great activity for the whole family to do together. >> how about beastly? it seems to be a tween appealing beauty and the beast? >> mary kate olson is in this. she plays the witch and is his only chance of redemption is to fall in love with vanessa huggins. >> i'm not going to ask how it ends. how about take me home tonight? it's a comedy getting a good buzz? >> around $4 million. not a huge block buster but topher plays a student who just graduated but it is set in the 80s. big hair, fun sound track. if you like 80s movies this is your film to see. >> a couple options out.
10:30 am
>> thanks. >> thanks. a college professor is under [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm.
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welcome back, everyone. here are the top stories of the bottom of the hour. a smil bit of good news out of new zealand where they are still cleeping up from the deadly earthquake. there were no victims found in the rubble of a cathedral. firefighters in florida are confident the blaze will be fully contained by tonight.
10:34 am
the labor talks between the nfl and player's union have gone into overtime. they extend the deadline by one week. and rebels say they are gaining ground today. the rebels say they fought off military forces and captured an oil fort. at the same time forces loyal to gadhafi have broken through not too far outside the capitol. joining me live, the professor of international relations of the middle east. nice to see you again. thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. >> tell me how much the u.s. concern about libya is connected to oil? >> not just the united states. the entire international community, as you all know the price of oil has basically skyrocketed in the last few days. libya is one of the 12 nations in terms of oil production. it affects not only oil production but the prices of
10:35 am
oil, investments, what have you in libya and the region and worldwide. so there is a great deal of concern in the united states and the international community and in the region as well. >> all right. how about depending on the outcome whether or not gadhafi stays in power. is there an obvious successor? >> you know, the situation in libya is extremely volatile and precarious and i think it has already prove on the be more violent and very complex. much more than egypt. you say why? in egypt, the army, you have a coherent army. the most important institution in society. in libya the army has fractured. the state itself in libya has fractured so you have the entire state has collapsed and that's why you have a very violent
10:36 am
situation taking place in libya. the opposition, of course, represents most of the nation in libya. but the reality is, and that's a sad thing to say is that gadhafi has many loyalists. his own tribe. he has mercenaries and his own tribe. that's why not only the situation is very complex and precarious, i would argue the transition owill be much more risky than the one we have seen. >> you mention the tribal position there and she does not want libya to go the way of somal somalia. is that a genuine concern for libya? is. >> you know, really in the first few days of the revolution, we thought that gadhafi's days were numbers. the reality is much more
10:37 am
different. libya is gradually sliding into a protracted civil war. gadhafi has regained his bala e balance. he seems to be on the offenses in many places inside libya. whether we like it or not, libya is divided even though most libyans would like gadhafi out he has a very die hard limited base and that's why the situation appears to be spiralling out of control and that's why libya seems to be sliding into a protracted civil war this is a worst case scenario for libya. it's the worst case scenario because it will have tremendous impact on the unity and stability of the country. >> do you see any situation under which the u.s. would take military action in libya? >> i doubt it very much. in fact as you well know, the united states and most western powers have made it very clear
10:38 am
that western intervention in libya is unlikely. you don't want another war on your hands. s a if you want to really, you have to put western troops on the ground, you are changing the whole situation. now gadhafi against his own people you will give him propaganda, too. he will say i am fighting western imperialism. this would be counter productive not only to the united states and international community but particularly for the opposition in libya, for the libyan people. this is an internal fight between the libyan people. what the international community has been doing is complete the encirclement of gadhafi to freeze his assets. what the opposition needs is guidance. it needs coherence and coordination. and also needs, i have to say it, it needs arms. this will likely be a very
10:39 am
protracted fight and so far, gadhafi has the upper hand because he has major army units, his own tribe, the revolutionary committees and foreign mercenaries. the situation is much more dangerous than we had thought and libya is going to be a very, very difficult case, much difficult and costlier than the other cases so far. >> sobering thoughts but thank you for sharing them. thank you. developing this hour, torrential rains in the midwest. they are threatening severe and flash flooding. warnings in in effect for ohio indiana illinois and other areas. we were wading among the waters. let's see how things look right now. good morning. >> good morning, alex. not too great here in low began county which is in the western part of ohio about an hour north of dayton.
10:40 am
all of the water owe sue here is run off from a nearby lake. this is the second time this week that the people who live here are having to deal with this. the water mark on this tree just monday, the water was up to here. so i would have been basically under water. now we have rainfall that has been taking place all night long once again on top of saturated ground, flooding the trip ewe tarries that flow into this lake and now flooding neighbors. we are expecting more rain in ohio throughout the day today. the valley is especially at risk for flooding. the streets and roadways are doing okay this morning but many people here have not begun to recover from the flooding that took place on monday. red cross is on scene handing out clean up kits to those people. as you can imagine, a lot of weary souls this morning here in ohio. >> that picture telling a thousand words in addition to
10:41 am
the ones you have just told us. thank you so much. coming up, taking on tyson. part two of my one-on-one interview with the boxing champ. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks
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welcome back to msnbc. law enforcement officials arrested a suspect in the so-called east coast rape case. wanted for attacks on at least 17 women. >> a houston day care owner is one of the most wanted fugitives. the 22 is accused of starting a fire that killed four children and fleeing to nigeria. former house speaker says he expects to run for the republican presidential nomination in 2012. >> iron mike tyson made a lengd dare career of terrorizing grown men. a new show premiering on animal planet drops the iron and giving
10:45 am
us just mike and a softer side of the heavy weight champ. >> 2178 was my building. this was my apartment right here this was hard times. pigeons were big. all these guys had pigeons on this side, too. you know? is i got bullied all the time. i was skipping school to avoid the bullies. >> i sat down with tyson for an view about why his name still turns heads and how a love of pigeons changed his life. let's talk about your love of pigeons. people don't know you and the fact that this is a big part of your life, they're going be quite surprised. when one thinks of someone who takes care of birds, they are delicate gentle creatures, and that is not exactly your image. what brought you to pigeons when you were younger?
10:46 am
>> i used to go to school when i was 11 years old and ten and the kids used to bully me. i'm overweight and i have glasses and have, you know, like you wore the pen pack. the pack with the pens and stuff. >> you were a nerd? a geek? >> my mother must have wanted me to be one. >> pen packs are geeky. >> the lunch pouch with the flintstones on it. >> oh yeah. >> and i went to school and they would -- they beat me and took everything. they put my glasses in the gas tank. threw me downstairs. beat the crap out of me so i never went to school again. when i was walking around the streets, walking around the school in the morning, three or four guys trying to rip me off and rob me. listen you want to fly bird? what's that?
10:47 am
>> i understand that this show taking on tietyson is going to racing birds? >> i know the dynamics of the racing birds. you take them out. and when i was younger, sometimes my friends at like 16 or 17, visit my friends and family. my friends would go with me for a ride an hour away and we let the birds go from there. and that's how i found out that's what they do. they would try to race them back. the pigeons always beat us back. >> a bit of an advantage there. >> no traffic. what about the groups that are concerned like peta. they think about michael vick and dog fighting. is there a difference? >> i don't know. it's competition. you know? just that when somebody is
10:48 am
competing, animals or people, when it is competing against one another, human beings, accidents happen. people get hurt. >> but nobody intentionally hurts the animals? >> that's what they are bred to do that's just the biggest problems they have is birds ofplay rr what do you like most about your time with your pigeons? >> it's really hard to explain. the thing, i watched these guys, these grown men playing with birds all day and watching the birds. my wife would say what are you looking at? you have been there for six hours. >> you watch birds for six hours? >> this is just what it is. i can stand there and watch the birds. you become attached to it and
10:49 am
that's just what it is. a culture. >> you are saying that birds have personalities? >> big time. >> you can look at your 100 pigeons and they each have, you know, personalities? do you give them names? >> i don't give them names but i can watch all 100 in the air and i can tell which one is which. >> how cool is that? taking on tyson starts tomorrow night. i had to ask him about the hangover two if he was doing that. he said he shot it and sit great, better than hangover one. thank you, mike. it was fun interviewing you. >> ethics complaints after a live demonstration in connection with a human sexuality class. the professor invited an engaged -- students were warned that the session would be explicit in nature but many were
10:50 am
shocked to see them perform a live sex act. good morning, robin. >> good morning. >> i know that you are the one behind all the formal complaints. why did you feel compelled to act that way? >> i think it's in part because there is a history with the professor in saying that he blooes there is nothing wrong with having sex with a research subject. and he has been accused of having sex with a research subject which i can't know whether or not he did. >> that is a different thing. i mean you're going after him for what happened in class. there is nothing to suggest that the professor did anything. this was an engaged couple that performed right? >> it is an engaged couple that performed. it was not a legal thing for them to do. the couple, it was a public place. they engaged in sex in a public place in and in our society that is unlawful. the students that went into the
10:51 am
optional classes, he didn't know that was going to occur when the optional session began. they asked him for permission to engage in that behavior and the ethical thing to do at that time especially if he was feeling uncomfortable or had questions about it would have been to say no. that's not appropriate. >> what are you going after? >> the psychology department is accredited by the american psychological association and all professors and faculty in the department must adhere to the code of et mickeys. so the professor is not an individual member but the department is accredited and so given the magnitude of what has
10:52 am
occurred, the apa has the right to say we do not want to have the north western university department continue its accreditation until it takes proper action. a lot will. >> let's read the statement from the president of the university. >> i think that my feelings are 100% aligned with those of north western university's president. the problem is that, and their internal investigation is
10:53 am
wonderful. but an assertion like that is not strong enough. as i was mentioning earlier this is not the first time that the professor has created this kind of difficulty. when he subjects students to a situation where they are shocked, alarmed, confused, then it is causing harm. and he has a responsible as a faculty member to coordinate those kinds of activities with other people. >> it seems this is not the last we will be hearing about this. there will be an vgs. thank you for calling us. we prooshuate that. >> thank you. >> a pregnant mother goes missing. why investigators want to talk to her husband. he is not the only guy in the picture. to help revitalize a neighborhood in massachusetts, restore a historic landmark in harlem, fund a local business in chicago, expand green energy initiatives in seattle.
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this morning police are tracking down leads.
10:57 am
>> people who know her say she would never leave ky behind. we have an investigative crime reporter and bring us us the latest. how much of a disadvantage are investigators facing? we have a three week difference? >> it's very difficult. we have to remember that, she is 21 years old. if she wanted to go missing on her own free will she does have the right to do that. but that's really, investigators are looking at all angles. they are taking that big time lapse into consideration. they're taking a lot of the moments when she was last seen january 29 and doing the best to move forward in this investigation. >> michelle, bethany's husband had not been named a suspect. he is cooperating from abroad. you have obtained court documents related to both him
10:58 am
and a possible boyfriend? >> i do have search warrants this is the first time -- this boyfriend is also reportedly the father of her unborn child. she is five months pregnant. it is going into her facebook account where someone appears to be posing as her after the date that she went missing and logging on to her accounts. this is really going into trying to figure that out. exactly who has been doing that. if the boyfriend and or husband are involved in this. >> very complicated. >> hopefully she will be found soon. >> thank you. coming up next hour, a high school basketball star dies after making a game winning shot. what killed that teenager. britain releases their x files.
10:59 am
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